Karatu School Projects


Many schools in Karatu have 3 or 4 children to one desk, and 4 children to one textbook. 45 children share one latrine. Needless to say there is a great need for additional facilities. KEF continues to help to fund the building of additional classrooms, kitchens, latrines and desks, to make learning more comfortable for children and teachers alike. All the schools KEF has assessed are in dire need of these basic facilities – especially textbooks, desks and toilets.


In the west nowadays, technology in schools is fairly mainstream. Most children in Karatu have no access to computers, much less the option of exploring  or searching the internet or emailing their friends. Karatu Education Fund has been assisting schools with internet access through computer donations and penpal relationships.  Bellevue High Schools Penpal project introduced many students to email for the first time, and now with internet cafes accessible throughout Karatu and Tanzania, internet skills are a useful  and necessary tool for their future. We welcome schools in the US that may want to establish penpal relations with schools in Karatu.


When you walk into a classroom in Karatu, the first thing you notice is how many children are huddling around one textbook. Sometimes up to 6 children are sharing one textbook – making it very difficult for them to read and follow the exercises. Karatu Education Fund hopes to help to create a more comfortable learning environment by buying textbooks directly from the publishers, making the ratio of children: books 2:1.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 KEF has been able to assist Tloma Primary School, Ganako Secondary School and the Karatu Ganako Library with the purchase of locally published school textbooks. Thank you to the Bellevue High School Leadership program for heading much of the textbook funding drive.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of our donors:

A School Bell Rings, Katie Fox, SSIcom,  The Hunt Family, The Navarro Family, Bookey Consulting, Alderwood Terrace Rotary Foundation; David Marsh, John & Louise Riber; Stephen and Carol Ries; Brock Haussamen; Richard Rediker; Juliane Richter & Gunnar Grimm; Caleb Hurtt; Mr & Mrs Terry Rothermel; Margaret W Clarke and many more.

And thank you to all of you who have sent books and supplies!

Thank you to our kind donors at Lightspeed Design who have donated two high powered projectors to the library for community education and student learning use.


With Special Thanks to our 2013 Donors we will begin the work on the Ganako Science Labs to finish them in 2013

  • The Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation, who generously donated funds for the Science Lab.
  • Eddie Baker and  For The Love Of Hannah Baker Fund, who organized the 3 Peaks Challenge Fundraiser

For more information on any of these projects, or to obtain full project proposals and budgets, please contact us.

Projects Overview

 School expansion project underway and in need of funding.

School expansion project underway and in need of funding.

Haymu Primary School

Haymu Primary School is situated in Ayalabe Village in Karatu District and it was founded in 2009 with 75 students and 3 teachers and grades from Kindergarten thru 7.  The school has currently 454 students- 218 boys and 236 girls, and 14 teachers.  There are 5 completed classrooms at the moment, but more space is needed. An expansion project is underway to add 2 new classrooms and 1 teacher's office.

 Mlimani Classroom, Feb 2012

Mlimani Classroom, Feb 2012

Mlimani School Project

“We were very much shocked when visiting Mlimani Secondary School, to see that the class rooms are not large enough to accommodate Form One students. More than one hundred students are sharing the same class. Some buildings are in the beginning phase of construction but the speed is very slow as they are expecting and waiting for donations from the community.”

KEF Tanzania board members, February 2012.

 Microscopes in the Ganako Science Lab

Microscopes in the Ganako Science Lab

Ganako Secondary School

In 2011, form 4 students wrote the first “O” Level Exams in their school’s history – with no Science Labs! These 124 brave pioneers managed to sit their practical exams for Biology, Chemistry and Physics in make-shift labs that teachers set up with the limited resources they had. KEF hopes to assist the school to finish the labs they have started and equip them with the necessary chemicals and apparatus for this year’s students.