Haymu Primary School Project

Haymu Primary School is situated in Ayalabe Village in Karatu District and it was founded in 2009 with 75 students and 3 teachers and grades from Kindergarten thru 7.  The school has currently 454 students- 218 boys and 236 girls, and 14 teachers.  There are 5 completed classrooms at the moment, but more space is needed.  

A project is underway to build an additional structure that will house 2 new classrooms and 1 teacher's office.  The funds will be used to finish construction on the roof, walls, floor, doors, windows as well as painting the interior and exterior. 


The KEF ‘Donate a Desk ‘ program has continued to benefit schools and students.

In 2016 we were able to provide many desks to schools in Karatu, thanks to the generous funding of our donors. Students benefit greatly from this program in schools where there are just not enough desks to go around and many children sit 3 to a desk.