Sponsor a Student Program

The cost of putting a child through Secondary School is often an impossible burden for parents. Karatu Education Fund has raised enough money to sponsor these children through Secondary School.  

To sponsor a student please Contact Us directly.

 Lilly graduates!

Lilly graduates!

Lilly Lema

Lilly continued to be sponsored in 2016 as she completed her last quarter of studies at Mbeya University of Science and Technology.  We are so pleased to announce that Lilly has graduated with an Ordinary DIPLOMA in Laboratory Science and Technology (3 year program). Thanks to her sponsors Dale and Elena Jensen, A School Bell Rings (Jamie Turner), Julie and Jim Dunn, Eric and Lori Jensen, Karl and Robin Jensen, Duke and Johanna Farrell and Todd Jensen for their generosity.  

Other Sponsored students

Bertha Damasi will complete her O-level studies in December 2017

Martha Moses to complete her A-level studies in April 2018

Maura Daniel Nyanga to complete her degree in July 2018

Honoratha Temu to complete her degree in July 2017