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Karatu Education Fund

[bg/fpbg.jpg] Karatu Education Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the community of Karatu, Tanzania.  Proceeds of the fund are used strategically to build and restore education facilities, and to improve the quality of learning in Tanzanian Schools.  Karatu Education Fund also provides support to existing organizations with social service projects in the areas of healthcare and environmental preservation.

Latest News
December 2013:
Science Lab Project at Ganako Secondary School

For this, and many more updates, please read our full December 2013 Newsletter (PDF).

Our main project in 2013 was to finish building 2 Science Lab classrooms. The labs are built according to government standards so that the students can study, do experiments and take their exams in the official standardized lab. This has been along awaited project and we are extremely grateful to our 2 main sponsors on this project: For the Love of Hannah Foundation and the Virginia Cabot Wellington Foundation.